April 12, 2014

SuperPower How To Use LinkedIn Video
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How to Use LinkedIn: 3 Secrets for Profiting on LinkedIn!


Secret #1: Pure networking

Learning to effectively network on LinkedIn requires a commitment to a pure networking approach. The pure networker's first actions are for providing value to others.

The success of any networker is your ability to apply the correct networking techniques in the LinkedIn environment. Pure networking is the foundation of any profitable online networking effort.

Secret #2: Visibility

Networking is a marketing activity based on attracting others rather than prospecting or selling. LinkedIn networking provides excellent potential visibility with over 161 million users. The importance of visibility is simple. The more people that see you, the more likely you are to get business. Thus a key part of learning how to use LinkedIn effectively is knowing how to use the various LinkedIn resources to bring you more visibility.

Secret #3: Being invaluable

Of all the things you need to learn about how to use LinkedIn making yourself invaluable to others has to be the most important. If you simply focus your LinkedIn networking efforts on being of great value to others, you will be surprised by how much business you get without even trying. Of all the online networking sites LinkedIn provides the most opportunities to be of value to others.


Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively by focusing on how to apply these three techniques to the LinkedIn environment.

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