February 23, 2018

Secrets to Networking On LinkedIn®

Welcome to Flyn’s LinkedIn Resource Website

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can get some great information on using LinkedIn. It is nearly the full content of the courses you’ll see under the Products & Services/Courses menu I use to sell on this site plus some new material.

But first, let me tell you a bit about the site…

This site is inactive, and no new content is being added. However, there is additional LinkedIn content on my sales resource website (see link below).

That said, there’s a ton of great stuff here for you to read and watch, if you can excuse the disarray that comes with an inactive site.

You will find the latest information on using LinkedIn for business in the following newsletter done for my sales resource website. In addition to current writings, the final letters will give you links to content from my courses you may not be able to find on this website.

You’ll receive 36 issues over the course of about four months for a measly investment of just $4.95 monthly (Less than $20 total).

If you need more information before subscribing to this newsletter, you will find it at the sales resource website (CLICK HERE).

Or simply subscribe here with my money back guarantee..

If are completely satisfied, if you don’t feel that the tips received during the first weeks of your subscription are worth the piddly $4.95 you paid for them, simply cancel your subscription (before the second payment) and send me a note asking for a full refund. I will happily return your money no questions asked