February 23, 2018

A Tactic For Growing Your Network Strategically

Networking Strategically

We are always trying to put more of the people who could be our clients and customers into our network.

Having a prospect as a first level connection has numerous advantages, not the least of which is, they can be approached without solicitation emails or cold calls using my LinkedIn Engagement Call.” (You can learn about the call and how to execute it properly by joining the website and taking the SuperPower Advanced Tactics and Strategy Course for LinkedIn that is currently in progress.)

Let me just add, before I reveal this simple technique for growing your strategic connections more easily and quickly, that I believe in an “open networking approach.” That I believe there are great advantages to having a large network.

The first advantage of being and open networker is being in the open networking groups. These groups tend to be large and the best part is that the people in them will almost always connect with you, and you never risk getting IDKed.

It is true that a lot of the more senior people don’t join the open networking groups and don’t follow that philosophy.

However, you can make a lot of strategic connections in the groups that will put you closer to those you really need to connect to.

If your prospect is a 2nd level connection you now have the ability to use the “Indirect Invite” method to get them connected. Again, you can learn this method in my courses.

The “Indirect Invitation” method is far more powerful that the LinkedIn invite system or the way most people use the LinkedIn introduction function for numerous reasons I won’t go into here.

Building Your Strategic Connections

There are a couple of techniques you can use here that will be helpful.

The first step, of course, is you must join some of the open networking groups. Realizing that you, like many others, may already be in the maximum amount of groups allowed by LinkedIn, let me recommend that you join TopLinked.com as your first, if only choice.

I believe it is the largest of the groups, and they have a site where you can subscribe to their open invites list for just $10 per month. Getting on this list is a fantastic way to grow you network in general, as you will probably get 25+ invites per day for the first month. I actually got closer to 40.

The second step is to go to the groups page and choose the members tab.

Once you are there, click on the “Advanced Search” link you will see in the left column under the search box. This will allow you to sort the list in various ways.

You will now see a “Sort By” link just above the right corner of the window.

 LinkedIn search results

This drop down will allow you to sort by, Relationship, Relationship + Recommendations, Connections, and Keywords.

I highly recommend sorting by Connections and adding some “super networkers” to your network thus greatly expanding the number of second level connections.

However, if you sort by Relationship you can now use the left column search box to type in the title you seek and select only those people that are your 2nd level connections.

Since the 2nd level connections are the easiest to bring into your own network using the techniques above or simply finding a mutual connection and using the introduction function in LinkedIn.

Another thing that can be profitable, since many key people are not in the open networking groups is to simply use the LinkedIn search function to find key people you wish to approach.

You can find their company name and use that to potentially track down a new connection that will be able to introduce you.

I have only covered this topic in the briefest sense, but I believe you will find this helpful. I will soon be releasing an Ebook that goes into depth on how to find and connect to your target prospects.

But the simplest way to get all of my advanced strategies and tactics is join the site for a measly $7.95. You won’t find better material on getting business from LinkedIn anywhere, and if you do it will be considerably more expensive.

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