February 23, 2018

How To Leverage LinkedIn’s Group Discussions

Without LinkedIn’s Q&A Forum, You Must Leverage The Group Discussions

I must say that I am very disappointed that the Question and answer forum has disappeared. It was an immensely valuable resource.

However, estimates reveal that only a very small fraction of the LinkedIn population availed themselves of this tool. It is thus not a surprise they closed it down.

Now that it is gone I wanted to help you understand how you can truly leverage the discussions within your groups.

Basically the same rules apply to answering and asking questions in the groups as did to the Q&A forum.

Learning new stuff

The first and most obvious use of the discussions is to actually find out something or learn about something you do not know or understand.

There are a lot of very brilliant people on LinkedIn and many of them are willing to give you the information or even the assistance you need.

So my first tip would be do not under estimate the value of the help you may receive simply by asking.

I once had a broken PHP script and posted a question asking for help. I even offered to trade services or value with someone willing to help. But someone offered to fix it for free!

Providing value

If you have read any of my stuff, you know that I am big on being of value.

Creating vibrant and relevant discussions is one great way to not only get yourself “loved,” but creates a situation where you will have the opportunity to engage others.

You can also simply participate in the discussions of others. In this case I recommend that you answer questions as if you had been paid for your opinion.

You want to post valuable answers for two reasons.

First you will make a great impression on the questioner if you can help them understand the subject of their question better.

Second, and possibly more importantly, you will establish yourself as an expert – a go-to-person so to speak for information about the subject.

You will notice after doing this for a while that you start getting personal request for your opinion or participation in specific discussions.

All of this makes you a more valuable resource on LinkedIn. And to the extent you can get others to perceive you as a valued resource, you will increase your opportunities and success on LinkedIn.

As an engagement tool

The forums give you a unique ability to engage others.

One of the best ways to increase your success on LinkedIn is to add valuable people to your network. The group discussions give you an easy and open line of communication to others.

I have to admit that a lot of the higher level decision makers seem to be a bit reluctant to participate for whatever reasons. However, there are many opportunities that will present themselves if you participate.

It should also be kept in mind that these decision makers are probably reading the more relevant discussions even though they do not engage.

Visibility is one of the keys to LinkedIn success, and the group discussions give you a way to do so.

You should not underestimate this powerful resource.

I have only touched the surface of what is possible. If you would like more detail on the actual execution of these strategies please go to my website and view the training from my previous course on leveraging the Q&A sections. Though this material is dated, the strategies and tactics I suggest are still viable.

Here’s the link…

Leveraging the Q&A Forum

Additionally, you might consider taking my “SuperCourse.” I will be going into great detail on how to leverage the groups in that course.

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