January 19, 2018

How To Use LinkedIn

This is NOT your standard “How to use LinkedIn article.

I’m not going to tell you about the menus, pages, and functions easily found in the LINKEDIN® user help menus.

I’m going to tell you how to use LinkedIn via the strategies and tactics that directly help you succeed.

Strategies and Tactics

To better understand these two concepts and how they apply to LinkedIn let me share an example.

Chess StrategyChess Strategy


Playing Chess

  • Have you ever sat down and played chess with a really good player, someone who’s studied the game?
  • What happens?
  • Well, you very quickly start loosing your pieces and getting slammed on all sides.
  • Every move becomes a reaction.
  • You can’t really do anything except select from a series of ugly choices.
  • Why?
  • Because you don’t know how to use LinkedIn, the strategies and tactics that allows you to be effective.
  • And your lack of understanding of how to use LinkedIn doesn’t prevent you from seeing or anticipating what’s coming.

Success in chess is based on the application of strategies and tactics, not the physicality of moving the pieces.

LinkedIn is no different…

But On LinkedIn

The strategies and tactics for how to use LinkedIn does not come from the menus, pages, and functions.

They come from the best practices of business networking, communications, sales, and marketing.

Though it is necessary to learn how to use the LinkedIn website, that is not what makes one successful.

What does?…

Professional Networking Skills

Since LinkedIn is a networking site, the first skills you need are professional networking skills.

Learning how to use LinkedIn and engage others and build valued relationships is one of the keys to LinkedIn’s success.

Understanding the value of the concept of “paying it forward” and learning how to use LinkedIn and creating reciprocity with your network are critical to real success.

Marketing Skills

Though many haven’t realized it yet, LinkedIn is a marketing channel.

And learning how to use LinkedIn effectively demands marketing skills and techniques such as value offers, calls to action, and unique selling propositions to be truly successful.

Another critical marketing skill that will have great impact on your success is copy-writing.

This may not be obvious until you think about it. But with all of your engagements with connections being written, either your profile or communications in various forms of your writing is critical.

Sales Skills

Sales skills are not as directly a function of making LinkedIn work.

But since selling and prospecting on LinkedIn have high risks, understanding how to use LinkedIn and transition from engaging a connection, developing a relationship, and then moving into the sales process it is a critical skill.

Communication Skills

Marketing is really about communicating, but I list communication skills again because they are so important.

Communication is an part of how to use LinkedIn that cannot be avoided.

Understanding what your core idea or offer is and making that idea something that sticks with readers is a big part of marketing and communications.

Understanding the principles of influence and persuasion are key to creating a profile that reads well and causes others to take action.

And if you don’t get people to take any action with regard to you on LinkedIn you’ll have no success.

So How Do I Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the medium (vehicle) in which you are operating.

It is not what you’re actually doing (Trying to engage prospects for business.).

It’s like being on land versus being in water. In the water walking isn’t an effective way to get around, you must swim.

Networking, marketing, sales and communications are all directly effected by both the structure and rules of use on LinkedIn.

The secret to how to use LinkedIn is that your “motion” (actions) is a combination of these various disciplines.

And your success depends on how well you’ve applied them to the structure of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn makes your profile look and feel like a résumé, but that’s not necessarily the best way to treat it.

Resumes don’t engage, attract attention, or get people to take action, three critical things in succeeding on LinkedIn.

The value of gathering connections increases exponentially when one realizes that you need to create value and a great first impression with everyone that connects with you

(professional networking, communication, and sales skills).

Online Business Networker Is All About How To Use LinkedIn

On this website you will find the user setting adjustments you need to navigate the LinkedIn website.

But more importantly we will share with you the correct ways to apply these four key disciplines (Business Networking, Communications, Sales, and Marketing) to your efforts on LinkedIn.

This website, our services and products focus on the strategies and tactics of gaining business on LinkedIn.

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