February 23, 2018

LinkedIn Profile Synergy the Power to Create Opportunities

One of the things that will make your profile much more powerful and impactful is if there is synergy between what you claim you can produce for others and what others say about you in your recommendations.

Of course the first thing one must do is have content in their profile that is directed at what one can produce. Most resumes and profiles are heavily directed at what the person does or can do. There’s a huge difference.

The postcard version is that what one can produce answers the prospect’s questions about “What’s in it for me?” Where what you can do or have done will be likely the same as those who compete with you.

How do you achieve synergy?

You start with something you can produce that you feel is important to those that might engage you. You clearly state the end results you produce for the customer.

Next, you must make sure that your recommendations explore and reveal that you produced for that person exactly what you say in your profile.

Short Example

In the profile it says…
I am able to produce significant increases in sales revenues using specific techniques that increase the key factors within a sales team: The manager’s ability to coach and train, the quality of the sales process, and the sales-call quality of the team members.

Recommendation says…
XYZ Company produced an increase in the sales revenues of our team of over 100% in the first 30 days of their program. The have increased our manager’s ability to coach and guide the team and this has resulted in direct increases in the quality of our sales process and quality of the sales calls made by team members.

How powerful is the fist statement after reading the second? It’s a lot more powerful because the writer didn’t say it, someone else did! People are far more likely to give credit to a third party than to what you say about yourself.

This kind of synergy is only achieves by purposeful pro active action to make it happen. However, you can see how powerful and compelling those two items become when synergy exists.

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