January 19, 2018

How to make your LinkedIn profile better

I got an invitation to connect today from someone who has health-related business. Being a bit of a health nut myself, I visited their profile. And when I started reading the summary, I noticed the first word was “I.” It might not have caused me to write this post, except for a recent experience. I […]

LinkedIn’s New Skills Endorsement Feature, Yuck!

LinkedIn’s Skills Endorsement Feature Has No Value I certainly don’t mean to put down the talented engineers and programmers that developed LinkedIn’s skills endorsement feature, but in my opinion they wasted their time. Don’t get me wrong, I think LinkedIn is a great site and full of potential for any business person looking to expand […]

LinkedIn Training Things You Should Know

A very unusual article on LinkedIn Training. Actually, this article is really about your own personal success on LinkedIn® and what part LinkedIn training plays a part. The first thing you should know about LinkedIn training is there are clearly two types. The most common LinkedIn training you’ll see is what I call “user mechanics” […]

A Common LinkedIn Marketing Entrepreneurial Thinking Flaw

A LinkedIn Marketing Secret The following demonstrates one of the most common LinkedIn marketing  mistakes. Someone asked the following question in one of my groups: Should you connect with your competitors?   I found the question interesting because it reveals a common flaw in the thinking of entrepreneurs and small business owners when it comes […]

LinkedIn Marketing It Is The Marketing Stupid

LinkedIn marketing is the answer to better results. In this video I’m going to show you why you should change the focus of your LINKEDIN® approach from selling to doing marketing.  The cool thing, and you’ll see in the video, is that you can do both selling and LinkedIn marketing at the same time and […]

LinkedIn And The 7 Things You Must Do To Succeed

LinkedIn Must Do for Success Many people talk about the mistakes you can make on LINKEDIN®, but it seems to me, that the more valuable discussion is about what will make you successful. So in this post I’m going to share with you the 7 most important things you should do if you want to […]

Are You Spending Too Much Time On LinkedIn?

LINKEDIN® The “Time” Consuming Black Whole? LinkedIn® can be a time-wasting and consuming monster. You may already feel like you’re spending way too much time on LinkedIn. And it is very easy to consume many hours every day doing all kinds of things on LinkedIn and accomplish nothing. When I started out on LinkedIn, I […]

LinkedIn Company Profile Doing It Right

This post ia about your LinkedIn company profile will probably generate some objections or questions. What I’m going to suggest for your LINKEDIN® company profile goes against the grain and is certainly not practiced by most. You Are Doing Your LinkedIn Company Profile All Wrong The first point we need to agree on is that LinkedIn […]

How To Use LinkedIn The WOW Factor

I think one of the secretes of learning how to use LinkedIn is the use of what I call the LinkedIn WOW factor.

LinkedIn Groups And What To Do With The Updates

Many LINKEDIN® users turn off the LinkedIn Groups updates for the groups they join. Though I must admit when you are in a lot of  LinkedIn groups the update email messages can be annoying, but they do contain gold nuggets. It is for this reason I recommend that you turn on the weekly updates. You […]

LinkedIn Tips – LinkedIn Company Page Link

  LinkedIn Tips: LinkedIn Company Profile Cutting the Mustard In this video about LinkedIn company pages I’m going to tell you some key things you need to know to make your page more successful. LINKEDIN® Company pages just like regular LinkedIn profiles should be used as marketing devices to attract and engage prospects for your […]

Powerful Communication Ideas For LinkedIn Marketing Success

LinkedIn marketing 101 – Powerful communication is communication that has an effect on the reader. In applying some of the LinkedIn marketing techniques we know that effect will be one of the following: They start a conversation with us The connect with us They visit our website They engage our business (register or engage in […]

Using LinkedIn For Sales

To most business owners on LinkedIn “using LinkedIn for sales”  is a most interesting and very important topic here on LinkedIn ®. Why? Because the one thing you aren’t suppose to do is sell. It is also one of the most irritating things you can do to your connections. Sending a solicitation email on LinkedIn […]

LinkedIn Marketing – Getting Attention on LinkedIn

Getting the attention of your marketplace is not just a “marketing” concept or technique but a LinkedIn marketing necessity. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t seen or more importantly read, you aren’t going to have the success you seek and that’s why employing LinkedIn marketing tactics and strategies are so important. You should note that LinkedIn ® […]

LinkedIn Strategy – Thoughts On Something A Little Different

LinkedIn Strategy actually began from early experiences in my life, I became addicted to strategic games, chess to be specific. Just bear with me a minute and I’ll explain what this has to do with LinkedIn Strategy . I quickly discovered that you can’t play chess well if you don’t understand the strategies and tactics […]

LinkedIn Tips – Group Selection

  LinkedIn Tips: As you probably know that LinkedIn® provides a wealth of opportunity via the tools and activities provided. They also allow you to engage with people of a like mind. Though most groups have a large array of members the individual focus of the group provides some sorting of the immense LinkedIn® population […]

LinkedIn Tips – Connecting with People

  LinkedIn Tips – Just as is true of live networking events one of the things that makes you a more successful networker is the ability of realizing and connecting to the right people. It is obvious to most people of who you should be connecting with, which are people who have the potential to […]

LinkedIn Question and Answer and Group Forum Tips

  LinkedIn Tips: LinkedIn Question and Answer and Group Forums. There are two key benefits to participating in the LinkedIn Question and Answer forum and Group Discussions The first is visibility that can help you engage people who may need your product or expertise. The second is that these venues give a great way to engage others […]

LinkedIn Tips – Profile Video and Documents

    LinkedIn Tips: In this LinkedIn tips video everyone knows by now, or should know, that video sells. Put even a poor video on your site and statistics show that you will increase sales. Videos, slide share presentations and other media all represent great tools for engaging potential customers. The problem is so few […]

LinkedIn Tips – Increasing Your Network Size

  Increasing your LinkedIn network size is good networking and good marketing! Have you ever done a search for a specific type of person on LinkedIn and found that you can find very many or that many of the ones that come up in your search aren’t really accessible. Are you aware that the same […]

LinkedIn Tips – You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

  LinkedIn Tips: Of all the LinkedIn Tips we’ve given you this seems the most overlooked. In this video I’m going to explain a simple truth of marketing and sales that says you better have a call to action in any of your marketing instruments. This is a concept few people are using in their […]

Helping Others Engage You On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Engagement: In this post I’m going to talk about how you help others engage you on LinkedIn. This LinkedIn video is really about making it easy and taking advantage of the “impulse buying” concept mastered by retail food stores to get you to buy all kinds of extras while you’re in the store. The […]

LinkedIn Tips – Avoiding The Mail Trap

  LinkedIn Tips: LinkedIn Tips that you should heed. It is unfortunate but there are many traps on LinkedIn that beginners as well as experienced LinkedIners can fall prey to. In LinkedIn’s infinite wisdom and effort to protect users they have set up many rules and options that not only prevent effective networking, but often […]

Relationship Building A Connecting Strategy For LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tips: In this video I’m going to show you a simple but powerful strategy for building better relationships on LinkedIn. It is unfortunate that most LinkedIners don’t realize how important it is to even build relationships. Worse yet they really don’t know how to do it. Most people simply send a thank you attached […]