January 19, 2018

SuperPower Advanced Tactics and Strategies Course For LinkedIn

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The Ultimate LinkedIn Training

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The course currently contains about 10 hours of instruction in the form of video recordings of a live presentation of the material over the course of 12 weeks. The content is completely focused on applying various communications, sales and marketing techniques to LinkedIn. You will learn how to navigate around the LinkedIn rules without breaking them or irritating others to successfully build a powerful network and get more business, a job, or simply create opportunities.

Here is what a couple of our participants have said about this LinkedIn training program….

Miles’ testimonial…
I have known about Flyn for a few years, and finally I signed up for a program that he was offering that I was sure I would commit to. His latest course is so affordable and so flexible in terms of watching videos later that even with a busy schedule I have managed to keep up, although I haven’t yet put everything in place that I know to do. I feel 1000 times more of a savvy networker online than before, and I am beginning to see results in terms of the number of people who visit my profile and who invite me to connect with them. Flyn himself has been very helpful, willing to go beyond the process he has set up. I highly recommend him – I believe he is THE expert on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, with integrity.

Miles Kierson

Carol’s Facebook post.
Carol Dombach wrote: “For those of you having trouble with LinkedIn being user-friendly, I have a good friend in California, Flyn Penoyer who has a membership site and great information to helping you conquer all the mysteries of LinkedIn. It’s a very inexpensive program, and I highly recommend it! http://www.onlinebusinessnetworker.com/ Check it out – I would love to hear your comments about the program. I don’t have any affiliate links for this, but just tell Flyn that I sent you. I just finished Module 9 of his series (and all previous series are available 24/7)”


These kinds of extensive coaching programs in social media and other similar subjects sell for $2500 to $10,000 per person. But we aren’t asking you to pay anywhere near that much. I personally wanted to make this a program for the masses.

You can get 12+ hours of intensive instruction on how to get business from LinkedIn just for joining our website —


SuperPower Advanced Tactics and
Strategies Course For LinkedIn

Here’s the program so far!…

  • Each Tuesday I run a training session of approximately 60 minute. Sessions are recorded so members can watch them at their convenience or in the case they miss the session.
  • Each Thursday I make myself available for questions and individual help in a coaching call.
  • The material in the live course is done in such a way as to speed participants into doing things that will further their business objectives.
  • Module 1
    • About this course
    • Networking principles & concepts
    • Prospecting versus networking
    • The best LinkedIn philosophy and approach
    • The power of “pure networking”
    • Social media and marketing
  • Module 2
    • I am going to show you two engagement techniques that will help you get started right away improving your results
      • How to make a great first impression (Necessary)
      • How to make and indirect invitation (Powerful)
    • Question and answer
  • Module 3
    • I am going to show you the basics of getting the marketing formula into your profile
    • How to be seen and found
    • Some keyword tools
    • And how to format your profile (looks and style).
    • Question and answer
  • Module 4
    • I am going to show you how to empower your job descriptions
    • How to get fantastic recommendations for those jobs
    • And how to choose groups
    • Question and answer
  • Module 5
    • How to make a great first impression
    • How to write a powerful and high impact thank you for connecting message
    • A trick for easily sending your thank you and other messages
    • Question and answer
  • Module 6
    • The LinkedIn Engagement Call (My proprietary method for engaging connections
      • Quick review of the engagement call
      • Call direction based on prospect
      • Follow-up and pre call options
      • Question and answer
  • Module 7
    • What is marketing
    • First marketing concept – list building
    • High value low risk offers
    • Using the offer in your profile
    • Email engagement systems
    • Sample email sequence
    • Call to action
    • Question and answer
  • Module 8
    • The one engagement email you can mass mail
    • Writing and formatting tips for your content
    • Profile content
      • Summary
      • Advice for contacting
      • Background/Projects
    • Communication, headlines and the 4Ws
    • Question and answer
  • Module 9
    • How to beat the search restrictions
    • Search strategies
    • Finding last names, finding specific titled individuals
    • How to search from outside LinkedIn
    • Question and asnwer
  • Module 10
    • Leveraging group participation and handling and posting questions
    • The group’s settings page
    • Handling the telephone with connections
    • Questions and answers
  • Module 11

    • Communication theory that will help you engage others
    • Additional profile tips re the “Today” and “Publication” sections
    • More ideas on answering questions in the forums
    • Job hunting tips

    Module 12

    • Finding your connections email address (not posted yet)