January 19, 2018

SuperPower How To Use LinkedIn Mini Course

The Ultimate Quick-Start LinkedIn Course

This course is a fantastic introduction to LinkedIn and how you can get business or the job you seek.

The first video of the course is available to any visitor to the site, but you will need a membership to watch the rest of the course.

Module 1: How To Use LinkedIn Introduction

Learn the true nature of LinkedIn and why understanding that nature can pay off big time in your LinkedIn efforts to find a job or new business.

Module 2: How To Use LinkedIn 10 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid

 If you learn and avoid these common and critical mistakes you will visibly increase the results you get on LinkedIn.

Module 3: How To Use LinkedIn®: Critical Networking Principles

 It is amazing, but most people on LinkedIn don’t use networking best practices in their engagements with others. Learn the right ways to build a powerful network in this video.

Module 4:  How To Use LinkedIn®: Search & Engagement Tactics

Learn some very cool tricks that will allow you to defeat the limitations of your LinkedIn account when it comes to searching LinkedIn for prospects. Additionally, I will show you a some great engagement tactics you can use with your LinkedIn connections.

Module 5: How To Use LinkedIn®: Profile Tactics & Strategies

 In this module you will learn some key things about you profile that will allow you to improve the results it produces immediately.

Module 6: How To Use LinkedIn®: Marketing 101

 In this module you will learn some key marketing principles you can apply to your LinkedIn efforts that will increase the opportunities you can generate on LinkedIn.

Module 7: How To Use LinkedIn®: Tying LinkedIn® To Your Website

 In this module you will learn how to connect your website marketing and LinkedIn networking efforts in a way that will bring you more prospects.

And now you are ready for the NEW SuperPower Advanced Tactics and Strategies Course.

This course is being released, first as a live version that includes question and answers sessions and a follow-up coaching calls with each module. It will only be presented live (for free) one time.

Members will have access to a recorded version of the course, but will NOT get the live Q&A or coaching calls.

You definitely don’t want to miss out…

We suggest you get your Membership NOW so you can attend — the course starts on Jan. 24th 2013.