February 23, 2018

Why you want to be perceived as invaluable to others on LinkedIn

Anyone who’s read my stuff on using LinkedIn knows that I continually harp on the concept of becoming invaluable and being perceived that way by your connections and others on LinkedIn. I thought I would just share a sequence of comments one of my new connections just sent me this evening.  I will keep the connections name private. These are the comments I received in the email asking me to connect:

“I admire tremendously what I have read of yours and what i read about you, i would be honored to have you on my list of connections.”

And after I responded and inquired further about what was appreciated I received this note.

“Your work on maximizing the value of linkedin was tremendously inspiring and I mentioned you in a recent blog entry: [Link removed]

I also have read several of your posts and admire your integrity, sales skills and leadership.


Reading this do you believe this will be a connection I can count on? I certainly do. This is the right way to get connected as I have stated a hundreds times in this blog and my courses. People who connect to you because of your value are going to help you succeed. He even published a link to my website in his blog with high recommendations.

You couldn’t ask for more. Even if this contact never does business with me that have already paid me many times over. You can also bet that if one of those subjects comes up I will get mentioned or referred again and again into the future. Spend your time figuring out how to become invaluable to others and you will be paid in gold.